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February 22, 2013

There is only 16 days left of our Kickstarter campaign and still some way to go.

We’re currently sitting at £1,725 out of £2,500. Its getting to that crucial point where we’re sooooo close, but if we don’t cross the line it will all be for nothing as Kickstarter won’t fund our project unless we hit that total!

For those of you who don’t know, our Executive Producer John Macdonald tragically passed away last week resulting in us losing all our initial funding. However we’ve reached a point of no return and HAVE to push through with the shoot next week. My AMAZING cast and crew have bent over backwards and are doing their utmost to push ahead, chipping in their own cash where they can to cover the costs of their departments. This is why it is even MORE important that we hit this target.

Thank you friends.


February 12, 2013

KATERWAUL 45/R Live Instrumental Sessions

These tracks are available for download, instead of asking for money in exchange why not visit this Kickstarter campaign for my new film and donate £1.



I’ve decided to put these up for those that wonder how we approach our recording sessions given our penchant for tempo changes, time signature changes and love for a natural organic sound.

Ever wondered how we set about recording a Katerwaul song?

First we rehearse and rehearse till we know the songs inside and out and have edited everything that doesn’t need to be there out. Then once we know the songs better than we know ourselves we record these live instrumental tracks.

After that its a case of adding the vocals and some additional instrumentation, but essentially the back bone of the recordings are all live.

I guess this is what Katerwaul would sound like if we were an instrumental post-rock band.

So here it is, warts and all. I hope it gives you a nice insight into how we like to work.

February 12, 2013


Last night thanks to one of my blog followers, a certain Mr Jilks (http://tiny-cinema.tumblr.com) we hit the £1000 mark in our bid to raise £2500 for our Short Film Budget.

Thank you to all my blog followers and Facebook friends who have donated and shared the campaign and continue to do so. I’m feeling so much love for you all right now… I promised my self I wasn’t going to cry…

We still have some way to go to reach our goal, so if you haven’t seen our campaign page yet please visit here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bherold/sunsets-and-silhouettes and find out how you can get your ears on some EXCLUSIVE unreleased KATERWAUL material from our The Dirt & The Trees Sessions recorded at 45/R. Or get your hands on Special Edition copies of The Dirt & The Trees along with Posters & Prints signed by the cast and crew and much much more!

Thanks guys!

For relaxing times…. make it Sunsets & Silhouettes time.

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